Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shame on me

Shame on me for letting so many pictures sit in my camera. I'm sorry it took so long to share them (and the stories that go with) on this blog.
Right before we left for Mexico we got new neighbors. You know us - we introduced ourselves and just kept inviting them over so that we could get to know them. Welcome Melissa and Josh (and Max, Lola's new friend).

Lola, me, Max and Melissa
Only July 3rd some friends came over, we cooked out and hung out in the garage. Typical yet tons of fun. We bought "ladder ball" at Wal-Mart for $20 and it was a great investment. I'll post more about that later.

Michelle, The Ticket's own Chris, Kody and Jeni

Melissa, Jodie, Max and Sara. Max made friends with everyone very quickly.

Neighbors - me, Sara and Melissa

On the way to watch fireworks, we are headed down 377 in Haltom City. There is not a mall - or even a strip mall with a Target or Bed Bath and Beyond for miles. I look over and what do I see? A Steve & Barry's - Freddy's favorite store. It was so oddly placed that we had to go back the next day to verify that it was in fact the same Steve and Barry's that is normally found in a mall. It was.

S&B is Freddy's favorite store for one reason - everything in there is $8.95. Sadly, that same week we learned that they filed for bankruptcy and would be closing. It was a sad day for my frugal husband.

You be the judge. Is it oddly placed?

This was the third year in a row for our July 4th tradition - Subway and fireworks with Sara, Austin and Lola. The first year there were more neighbors, but they have since all moved away, but now we have Josh and Melissa.

Lola was mesmerized by the fireworks.

The next weekend we went to the wedding of some dear friends - Lance and Kyla. Their wedding was beautiful - antique romance with just the right amount of personal touches. We are so happy for them!

And with weddings, of course, is the gathering of friends.

What a busy weekend that was. The next day I helped host a baby shower for my college friend and sorority sister, Kimmy. I am looking forward to watching her be a mother - she is going to do an incredible job.

The shower theme was "cupcake". Isn't this cake amazing?!

I would like to take a moment to brag on my AMAZING husband. He bought me flowers. Just because. I love him SO MUCH!


misti said...

That looks like an old K-mart that the shop is in. Wow, an odd spot for sure. It would be nice if NRH and Haltom utilized some of those older buildings instead of continuing to build where they see empty land, ie: that spot at Smithfield and Mid-Cities.

Lydia said...

Cute dress for the wedding!