Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stay Hard, P1's

Last summer I assisted in the management of a week-long event that involved daily remotes with Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket. Ever since then I have been a loyal listener (aka a P1).
When I learned that Big Brothers Big Sisters would once again be teaming up with The Ticket for our First Annual Big Bro Drive, I was beyond excited. All four shows came out to broadcast live from our office lobby and encourage listeners to stop by and sign up to be a Big . I managed the first half of the day from 4 am until noon, but decided to stick around for my favorite show, the afternoon show, The Hardline.
Around 5:00 I asked Mike and Corby if I could take a picture with them and they said yes.

The next week my co-worker Sara presented me with a gift; a thank you for my help with the event. I could feel it was a picture frame and just knew it was the picture I had taken with them. I was wrong. It was better.

After I left, Sara (knowing that I LOVED them) asked them if she could take a picture of them in my cubical. I had previously mentioned to Sara that I planned on asking them for a picture but wanted it to be unique so I was going to ask them to take the picture with me in my cubie. But I chickened out and Sara surprised me with this picture. It now sits on my desk – framed.

FYI – my desk isn’t normally that cluttered and doesn’t usually have that many boxes. Give me a break – I had an event and I had been there since 4 am!

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Meg said...

Haha! That picture is hilarious!