Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Confession #2

About a year and a half ago my friend Sarah introduced me to a fun boutique in Keller called The Funky Monkey. I am now addicted! I love to buy jewelry from there for myself and my friends.
A couple of weeks ago I was there buying a birthday present for my new friend and neighbor, Melissa. All of their bubble pendants were on sale - 40% off! Their supplier was no longer going to make them, so they were discontinued. Not one to pass up a good sale, I browsed the pendants and found a cute one that says "It's a Girl" and bought it! No, I don't know what I am having and I don't have a feeling one way or the other. Had there been one that said "It's a Boy" I would have bought them both to cover my bases.
If it turns out this baby I am having is a boy, then I will simply gift this pendant to the first of my friends to announce that they are having a girl.

Okay, moms. Did you buy something gender-specific before you knew what you were having?


misti said...

Ooh I will have to go to that boutique when I am in town these next few weeks. There was a cute boutique on Grapevine Hwy and I think Pipeline near the Panera.

Courtney said...

Yes...the hormones took over and I bought a whole ridiculously expensive, pink-and-purple-girly crib bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids. Two weeks later we found out we were going to have a Nate. So I returned the bedding, then came to my senses and bought a very cute, much more reasonably priced bedding set from Walmart!

Cathy said...

Hey Cheryl! Congrats on the pregnancy, it is sooo fun!!! My hubby and I could not resist and actually bought several "girl" items from a specialty store in Plano that was going out of business. Luckily 4 weeks later we found out that we are expecting a little girl!! Otherwise we planned to gift the items if it ended up being a boy! Cathy Cockerell Fuller

MELANIE said...

Not knowing what I was having either time I bought both boy and girl things. Not crazy shopping--I always said I saved A LOT of $$ by not finding out! The second time around I bought more girl stuff since I already had a boy and if it were a boy I could give anything to my sister who was indeed having a girl 8 weeks later!

Katie said...

Melanie wasn't completely honest with you. She actually bought a girl's ladybug outfit like 3 years before she even had a child. Hee. She's gonna kill me.

Sara said...

No, Cheryl... I did not buy anything gender specific before I knew. And I think it's funny that in my mind I thought you already had your sonogram and found out it was a girl! I really WAS shocked at the reunion when you told me you didn't know yet.

I hope you get your girl, mama!