Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Brain

As my husband so lovingly put it the other day, I "just haven't been in the game lately". I've taken wrong turns, I've lost all common sense, my memory is nearly non-existent and I make comments that don't make sense at all. I like to call this Baby Brain. I've assured Freddy that this is a normal side-effect to pregnancy, but I don't think he bought in to that until the other morning.

It was Saturday and, being the FABULOUS wife that I am, I was making my husband bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast - typical Saturday morning (yeah, Right!). The eggs are done, so I grabbed the frying pan and put the eggs on to the plate. Then I set the pan down on the island...Which would be fine if there had been a trivet there. But there wasn't. What was there was our plastic (yes, PLASTIC) table cover that looks like turf/grass. It's a Football Sunday Staple at our house (don't ask why it was on the island on a Saturday). Anyway...It's one of those table covers that you can wipe down and reuse. It has felt/cotton stuff on the back so that, I guess, it won't scratch your table?

It took me seconds - maybe even just one second to realize what I had done. But it was too late. It had melted the the table cover and my expensive Pampered Chef pan now had melted green goo on the bottom.

Baby Brain.

You'll be happy to know that Freddy was able to clean the pan bottom with some Goo Gone and a razor blade.

Here's the damage. Like my referee punching bag (Holding. Defense.) and football chip bowl? I thought they really added something to the picture.

On another note...We went to dinner recently with the neighbors. There were too many of us for one car and no one else wanted to drive, so we all piled in to my SUV. Austin drew the short straw, so he had to ride in the back along with the boxes I had back there. Sadly, it's not the first time he has had to ride in the "way-back" and I doubt it is the last.


lesley said...

Baby Brian is real, that is what it's called. Your brain actually shrinks when you are pregnant! so tell fred to put that in his pipe and smoke it!

lesley said...

I guess I was thinking about my husband because I wrote Brian instead of Brain. Nope I'm not pregnant just the mother of a 2 year old!

Courtney said...

Yes dear, and baby brain lasts well after the baby is actually born. Have fun with that!

Katie said...

I never got my brain back after the second one.

And yes, I liked the referee and your holding explanation. Funny.

MELANIE said...

Yes--baby brain is a real side effect of pregnancy! As other commenters have said, it doesn't always go away once the baby is here... (I've always called the back of an SUV the "way back" too!!)