Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photography Classes

I have enrolled in photography classes at TCC. I go once a week for 7 weeks and the classes are a few hours long.

Of course, this is something on my Thirty by Thirty list, too. I know that by the end of it I will be begging my husband for a digital SLR. Maybe for Christmas (hint, hint Freddy!).

I will post pictures on here and you all can tell me if I wasted my money or not.


Courtney said...

Ohhhh!!! I soooo want to do that too! I hope you have a great time in your new class. All the new skills you'll be learning will definitely come in handy with Baby Clark!

Kim Bessent said...

Hey! We just got the Digital Canon Rebel XSI. I have been dreaming of this camera for a while now! We had to get it before miss Z made her first appearence! It is a wonderful camera. Let me know how your classes go! We will have to share photos!

misti said...

You will love the photography class. I am taking one right now and though the first part for us is a little slow, working the menu etc, the rest of it is fun and challenging creatively. Enjoy!