Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to adulthood, Cheryl.

So, Wednesday evening was supposed to be my first photography class. At 6:40 I roll up to TCC Northeast and the parking lot is pretty much empty. I chalk it up to my being a little early and night classes not being that popular.

I gather my stuff (including a camera that I borrowed from my friend Sara because mine was still being repaired) and headed to the academic classrooms building.

Up pulls the TCC Ford Escape Security vehicle. Security man gets on the loud speaker (in a parking lot where there are only 2 people...within 10 feet of each other) and he announces: The campus is closed due to a problem with the air conditioning. How can the air conditioning effect the entire campus?! Turns out it was a major water main break and the campus was closed the next day, too.

So I start thinking...They probably aren't going to reschedule this class, so I am missing one entire class - two and a half hours of learning! I begin to wonder to myself if they will give me back the $13.43 that I paid for THAT class.

It was then that I realized I was a grown-up. When I was in college, would I have ever wanted a refund for a canceled class? Heck no! I would have been overjoyed at the thought of free time. Welcome to adulthood, Cheryl, where learning is no longer a requirement but a privilege.

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