Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changin' my own oil

I can't remember when I did this. I think it was the end of August. Anyway...I changed the oil in my car all by myself! Okay, Freddy instructed me and loosened the bolt thing, but I did the rest.
It wasn't hard at all, but I recommend getting a pan that has a lid where the oil drains from the lid in to the pan. I dropped the screw in the oil pan. Good thing it had a lid so I didn't actually have to stick my hand in to a big pool of hot oil.
It was cost-effective (half the price of getting done at the Kwik Kar) and it took less time if you count the driving and waiting. I would totally do it again.

And for good measure, I topped off my windshield wiper fluid!

Check one more task off of my Thirty By Thirty List! I am woking on a couple more:

Two photography classes down, five more to go!

I guess I have technically "started" a family, huh?

AND Freddy bought me a Daily Caholic Bible, so give me about a year and a half and I should be done.

Freddy is going to the deer lease this weekend, so I am planning to rent the first season of Sex and the City.

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