Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weird Pregnancy Symptom

I have a weird pregnancy symptom. I am hoping that by sharing it here, I will get reassurance that it is at least somewhat common.

I have a heightened gag reflex. I gag every time I brush my teeth. I gag at the mere thought of grilled chicken breast. And I gag when I think/talk about gagging. There. I did it. I just gagged again.

Before I got pregnant I gagged, but it was pretty much limited to dental visits and really gross circumstances.

Please tell me that I am not alone in this. Please.

And thank you to everyone who left notes of Congratulations on my blog. I look forward to advice from all of my blog-reading mothers. And you non-mom readers, I look forward to you telling me that I don't look as far along as I say I am. =) Hi to Lauren who reads my blog now!


Kim Bessent said...

Cheryl, I had the same thing. Often I would gag when brushing my teeth, even water for a while made me gag, the zofran should help. This subsided with my pregnancy after the 1st trimester! Here's to hoping for a gag free 2nd and
3rd trimesters!


MELANIE said...

Yes, sadly, that was normal for me. I remember yogurt and bananas making me gag and having to cover my face many times in the lounge at my work during lunches...lovely. It will hopefully pass. Do they have you on the generic zofran? Way more affordable--somewhat less effective...(it was for me).

Katie said...

Yes, completely normal. But it goes away! Oh, the joys of pregnancy. It was teethbrushing, bananas, and all meat for me. Hope the word meat didn't make you gag when you read it. And there I wrote it again. ;)

(I'm Melanie's sister~btw)

Andy & Sarah Curtis said...

Cheryl, I had the exact same problem. Brushing my teet was a battle every morning until the 2nd trimester. You are not alone! I guess it is just one of the wonderful side effects of pregnancy. Hang in there, the second trimester is much better!