Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things that made me gag this week

This, too, could become a reoccurring post, but I hope not.

- The thought of getting my blood drawn. I actually had to ask the nurse to wait until I was ready! But...she did end up being the best blood-taker that has ever taken my blood!

- Drinking Maalox before we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. This was a bad one.

- The smell of the restroom at BWW's. It was a nice combination of vomit and lemon-scented disinfectant. But at least I was in a good place had the gagging escalated.

- Telling long stories. When I find myself talking a lot (like when I am telling the long story of my trip to the perinatal specialist), I can feel myself wanting to gag. No comments on this one, please!

- No reason at all. I was talking to Shelby's boyfriend Matt at the wedding on Saturday and suddenly needed to gag. For no reason! No, this was not a reflection on Matt, his outfit or his breath.

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Lauren said...

I just cracked up about the breath statement! Funny! :)