Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stalker no more

I have already confessed to blog-stalking Amy. We have several mutual friends, but hhad never officially met until two weeks ago.

Amy read my blog about the hari bows and closet dividers and decided to try her hand at the art of bow-making. Like me, she quickly became addicted. She taught Kendra how to make the bows and now SHE is addicted. Since they make a different stlye of bows than I do, Kendra organized a Bow Party.

Carly didn't let me make many bows, but she did let us visit. Here are pictures of Carly with our new friend, Amy, who I no longer blog stalk since we now know eachother!

Carly loves the pretty bow that Amy made her, I promise. She's just upset because...Well, there was no good reason other than it being the evening and she was probably tired.

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Katie said...

Cute bows. That's funny (and sad)about the bow in her eyes. That's happened to my girls too. I also blog stalk Amie.