Friday, June 19, 2009

Things I Do to Spend Less Money

I can hear my husband laughing as he reads this particular blog title. Whatever!

My friend Courtney sent out some link love. One link was on the blog, Domestic Cents. The title of this particular post was 30 Things I Do Daily to Spend Less Money. So I started thinking about things that I do to save money. I didn't come up with 30, but I did come up with a few, in addition to the ones on her list that I do as well.

1. We use energy-efficient light bulbs. Yes, it costs more initially, but they last longer and are better for the environment and your electric bill.
2. We use rechargeable batteries. Again, more cost up front but you quickly recover the cost AND they are better for the environment. Seriously, people. I swear by these things. They keep a charge just as long as regular batteries. We stocked up on every size for all of Carly's toys.
3. I give myself a pedicure and manicure. Sure, I still go to the salon occasionally but not every time I need a polish change.
4. I pack my lunch and eat leftovers. When you have a new baby, you don't want to cook every meal so leftovers become your best friend (and so does Hamburger Helper) and after a few months you no longer find nuked chicken rubbery and metallic-tasting. Is that correct term? Oh, well....
5. I try not to waste food. I plan dinner according to what is about to expire, grow mold, etc.
6. I try to do FULL loads of laundry rather than several small ones every few days. The same goes for the dishwasher. I pack it full before I run it.
7. I make my own wall art! And bows for Carly. (P.S. I am almost finished with another piece of wall art that I will post soon AND I perfected the two-ribbon bow, so stay tuned for those posts!)
8. I never pay with one dollar bills or change. I save them and stash them away until I have something I want to use that money for. Again, this is probably not really saving money, either - it's more like stashing money but it helped to buy us a king-sized bed, training for Lola and a few other things.
9. I garage sale. Every spring. At my mom's neighborhood garage sale. In the process, I de-clutter the house. BONUS! Is that saving money? It would probably be considered making money, but whatever. This is harder than it seems.
10. Freddy loves to use paper plates to get out of doing dishes. I prefer to use the regular plates and I force him to do the same - unless it's pizza night or we're cooking out with the neighbors.

I would really like to hear what everyone else does to save money, so post a comment and give me your best tips!


Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Great list! I do many of those same things too :)

Trying this bloggin thing out said...

Say no to bottled water, if you haven't already...???