Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunching with Friends

On Saturday we met Brian, Lesley, Hudson, Tovah and Chris at Joe T's for lunch. If Carly's awake, she is moving - kicking, moving her arms, turning her head, etc. So by the time we got to Joe T's, she had worked her headband down over her eyes.
Yes, she still curls her legs up tight. Cute, huh? Also, you can see her diaper in this picture (Hag, I know you're gonna say something about that) because, even though she is nearly three months old, most of her newborn outfits are still too big for her. And bloomers - we don't even try the bloomers because they just slide right down her t-tiny little waste and over her t-tiny little hiney.
Hudson loves Carly, and he especially liked her bow on this particular day. He kept touching it - very delicately - all afternoon. It was too cute. I told him that since his mom is having a baby girl in a few months (I know it's a baby girl, but we won't get that confirmed until Friday), I had lots and lots of bows for him to play with!

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