Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheryl, Sidwalk. Sidewalk, Cheryl.

My friend Sara and I have been running together for a while. Just about two weeks ago we convinced her husband, Austin, to run with us. What about my husband, you ask? Yeah, right! That's funny. No way he is running unless it is FROM something or someone!
We're not two minutes in to the run when I feel/see/out-of-body experience a slow-motion, right-side-of-the-body skid across the sidewalk. Lola's leash went flying, the skin was ripped from the palm of my hand when I tried to catch myself and my throbbed.
As it turns out, I placed my foot half on the sidewalk, half on the grass. Only, it wasn't so much grass as it was a hole in the ground.
I was able to walk home (though Austin graciously went and got his car to drive me back), but by the end of the night walking was not an option.
This picture was taken immediately after I got home. It got worse.

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The next day I could barely walk on it. I rested, iced, compressed and elevated it all the way to Conroe. That night I rocked the wrapped ankle at the rehearsal dinner. Thank goodness long dresses are in.

11 days later the ankle was still swollen and bruised, so I went to the doctor. I have a level 2 sprain and he gave me some therapy to do at home. It feels better already, so hopefully I will back running next week. Cross your fingers!

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Katie said...

Holy crap. That pains me just looking at it.