Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop Culture Equation

3 1/2 month old baby + full-time job + radio constantly tuned in to sports talk radio + TV always on TLC = Pop Culture Stupidity.

Until today I thought that Shia LaBeouf was...

a. A girl

b. Shyla Boof

Give me a break. I've haven't seen Transformers and have never had any interest in the movie. And...If you remember, I just realized a few years ago that Mary Poppins and Maria from The Sound Of Music are the same woman - Julie Andrews.
I can, however, hold an intellegent conversation on the upcoming Cowboys season and my new favorite series, The Little Couple. Thank you, The Ticket and The Learning Channel.


Sara said...

Dude... Cheryl.

I bet you've seen the Notebook though!!! lol

Trying this bloggin thing out said...

Ha Ha Ha - Shyla Boof - that just sounds so funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Katie said...

You crack me up.

Anonymous said...

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