Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mommy just can't catch a break

All mommy wanted was to take a few good pictures. No such luck.
This is a good one, but let's get one without Lola going to the restroom in the background.

Much better.

I know that you want to take a picture, but I would rather suck my hand.
I'll let you know when I'm done.
You pull the hand out...and I put it right back in.

You want me to take this hand out of my mouth?

Should I look surprised?

Okay, I'll just look cute.

But since you're done...

Mommy wants another picture of us together, but what is that over there?
Seriously...It's kinda frightening. Okay, here's a keeper. Now back to sucking my fingers.


Aunt Cathy said...

Seriously, the cutest baby in the world. I love that I can watch her grow on your blog... I wish I was there!

Katie said...

Hilarious. Just get used to it. Kids are great that way. Wonder if you'll have a finger sucker like Lucy? She's a cutie.

Lydia said...

Cute summer haircut, Cheryl!

Melissa Shaw said...

Cheryl... those are too funny... especially Lola!! I can't quit laughing at that one!!