Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Mossimo

June 15, 2009

Attn: Shoe Department
9 Pasteur
Irvine, CA 92618

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago I purchased the most fantastic pair of shoes I have ever owned. They were green, strappy Mossimo sandals with a kitten heel. I found them at my favorite store, the store that my husband fears for the sake of our bank account…I found them at Target.

I wore those shoes with virtually every outfit. Oh, but please don’t think that I am that person – the person that seems to own just one pair of shoes, because I am not that person. I just loved those green sandals SO MUCH! You see, the three straps that crossed over the top of the foot were in two different shades of green, making them more versatile than most green shoes. I could wear them with the most casual of outfits or pair them with something a bit dressier, always adding that perfect splash of color. They were this girl’s best friend for several years.

The many days of wear began to take a toll on my shoes. The color was gone from the front, the heels were scratched and scuffed and I knew that they our time together may be coming to an end. It had been a good, long run. I took them to the shoe repair shop with every hope that they could resuscitate some life back in to my faithful companions. Sadly, they could not. Target had not had these shoes in years (I know because I check every time I go in to a store), so I turned the internet. My searches for a pair of these shoes in a size 6 (or 6.5; I could do 6.5) came up empty.

So I write to you today for several reasons.
1.To thank you for making the most fabulous pair of shoes I have ever – and probably will ever- own.

2. In hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is a pair of these fabulous shoes in a size 6 (or 6.5) stashed somewhere in a warehouse that you would be willing to part with. I’m not looking for a handout, I would pay for these shoes if they are out there.

3.To inspire the head shoe designer to create another pair of fantastic, green, strappy Mossimo sandals with a kitten heel.

Thank you for time.

Cheryl Clark

Encl: Shoe Photo
cc: Target Shoe Department


misti said...

I had sandals, the black clunky ones from the late 90's, that I adored and adored. Someone stepped on the heel one day in college causing it to come off and from then on out I could never find them again.

I hope you can find another pair of shoes like that!

Cathy said...

Didn't you wear these to my wedding? Yes, great shoes... very cute.

Trying this bloggin thing out said...

Did you take them to my dad....maybe he can fix them :)...unless you did take them there and he couldn't :(

Either way, so sorry for your loss!

Andy and Sarah Curtis said...

You are crazy! I hope we see a post as a follow up to this that they sent you a replacement pair ;)

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