Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning with our Family of 3.
Santa came. Oh, boy did Santa come. Carly made out like a bandit and, as I mentioned before, she was really in to the opening of the presents this year.

I am not the best blogger, but I think that I do an adequate job of chronicling our little life. What I am horrible at is remembering to bust out the camcorder. But we didn't forget this Christmas morning!

Carly's big gift this year was her Leap Pad. It's a learning tablet for kids.
Leap Frog makes it and I LOVE Leap Frog products.

She doesn't quite understand the device, but she enjoys playing with it.
She has, however, already managed to change her username from "Carly" to "yig".

Freddy's big Gift was a very cool looking golf bag with all of the things he wanted a golf bag to have - lots of compartments, a "kickstand" as I call it and a unique color that will make his bag easily-recognizable. I did good.

Carly and I had to show off our 2011 Christmas pajamas, of course!

I had my traditional cup of coffee in my Santa coffee mug and we were off to Nana and Papa's house!

I am so blessed to have a sweet family to share my holidays with. I would tell you that I don't need another Christmas present as long as I live as long as I have my sweet family, but I won't. Because my husband would take me up on that offer.

Merry Christmas morning from the Clarks!

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