Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Park Date

Also over the holiday break, Carly and I met up with our sweet friends K,K & their mom...K at the park.

I have decided that (unless thier mom blog sand uses thier names) I am going to refer to all of our kid friends by thier first initital. You know, for a little bit of privacy on this crazy thing we call the world wide web.

Carly loves playing wth the K twins. They live just a few streets away and are just a few months younger than she is. It is so fun to watch her get excited about playing with her friends! Especialy since she used to not like anybody except me and Freddy.

You know me - I had to take this opportunity to snap a few pics of my cutie and her cutie friends!


We love playing with the K twins!
Here's hoping that I can choose Carly's friends for the rest of her life based on how much I like their parents!!!!

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