Thursday, January 19, 2012


When Carly concluded her episode of care for her physical therapy with Cook Children's, her AWESOME therapist suggested that we enroll Carly in a gymnastics class. She said that it would not only provide good, therapeutic physical activity, but it would also give her the chance to be around other children, watch them in gymnastics and then try to imitate them. She was right. And, as a bonus, Carly LOVES it!

Each class starts with trampoline time. When we first started back in September, Carly wasn't jumping - she wasn't even thinking about jumping. Now she tries so hard and is so very, very close. I imagine that it will probably happen in the next month or two.

Her friend Laine is a great example to Carly.
This girl can JUMP!...and seat-drop, and doggie jump and jump tuck...

Carly especially loves to show off her skills to Coach Nicole.
BTW- Coach Nicole needs a medal. This girl is beyond patient and so, so, so, so good with kids.

The second station is circle time. There is always a new song with instructions and also a cool prop.
Carly's attention at this station has increased tenfold since we first started.

Then there is the rope over the foam pit. Carly used to not be scared of it. Coach Nicole and I would hold on to her and swing her out over the foam pit. Her muscle tone comes in to play on this one. Currently, she can't hold herself on the rope very well. A few weeks ago, she was holding on really well on her own, so Coach Nicole sent her flying over the foam pit. You should have seen the look of terror on her face! She immediately let go and started freaking out.

Since then, I can barely get her to even touch the rope. When it comes time for her turn, she shakes her head and her little hands and says "no, no, no, no. done, done, done, done." I am not sure how to make her overcome this fear.

Laine, on the other hand, LOVES to soar over the foam pit. She just won't let go and drop in to it yet. It is so funny to watch her because when she swings out, she looks at every one of the moms to make sure we are all watching her. Then, on her third swing, we all shout at her to drop and she just grabs the rope tighter and smiles. Little stinker!

The final station is floor exercises. This station requires the most amount of work from the mommies. Here she learns the basics - out, together, out, together...

forward rolls - which she is amazing at- ...


Bear crawls - another exercise that I have seen great improvement in over the last few months -...

The bars. Carly is not a fan. She let go once and fell on her head. Ever since then she hasn't liked them much, but she will occasionally just hang on them or TRY to flip.

And there are several other floor exercises, too. They change them up each week.

And here is Carly with a few of her gymnastics friends - E and Laine (I can use Laine's name because her mom blogs about her).

We love us some 'nastics!


Erin said...

Cute post! Laine and I looked at the pics and they're all so cute!! You're so smart to use only first initials, but you don't have to use the first on mine :) Carly IS so close and I can't wait for her to see her little body jump on the trampoline!!

JKBro80 said...

So happy to see how well she is doing! You are such a good to all of you!

Lydia said...

What a great idea!! That may be something I think about for Bobby...can boys do gymnastics? Ha! And I would not be worried about trying to get her to overcome her fears. When she's ready, she'll do it!