Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friend-Filled Break

I loved having two weeks off over Christmas. It meant that I got to spend every day with Carly. And we got to spend lots of time with friends.

We went over to Landri and Bailey's house.
The girls played and I got some much needed catch-up time with their mommy and one of my besties, Kristi.

Our new friends Erin and Laine invited us over to their house for a Kid Craft Day. 

Carly got to make reindeer food.

Davis (and her mommy, Cheryl) were there, too!

Carly LOVED decorating her waffle cone tree.
She ate way more mini marshmallows than she decorated with.

Laine - she always busts me when I try to take her picture

Carly also went to Alexis and Brett's house where she and Alexis modeled their high heels

And this isn't even all that we did over the break. Can you see why I didn't keep up with the blog? It was a busy, fun, busy, fun-filled and BUSY break. And I loved every minute of it.

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