Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Brain #4

Freddy: When I get out of the shower remind me to get the work phone out of my truck . (He was on call last night).

Me: I'll go get it.

Noticing the 5 or 6 empty water bottles and Gatorade bottles on his floor board, I grabbed them and threw them in the recycle bin. Good wife!

An hour or so later:

Freddy: Where did you put the work phone?

Me: On the counter.

Freddy: It's not there.

Me: On the table?

Freddy: Not there either.

Me: In the bedroom?

Freddy grabs his keys and heads to the truck.

Me: It's not out there! I know I brought it in.

As Freddy is looking through his truck, I have an idea. I lift the lid on the recycle bin and there is the cell phone among the papers and plastic bottles.

Baby Brain.

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Sara P. said...

HAHA! That's classic.