Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm taking my blogging to the next level

Today I read Katie's blog. Her most recent post was about a Christmas gift that she got from her sweet, thoughtful husband. He had her blog printed and bound in to a book. What a brilliant idea! I immediately emailed my husband and told him that I knew what I wanted for Valentine's Day - my blog (from start until December 2008) printed and bound in to a book. I also told him that I would look in to the best site for doing this (I like the on that Katie suggested) and I that I would do it myself. Does that still count as a gift from him? I would let him wrap it.
The thought is that I will do this every year. So, in an attempt to blog about all of 2008 in time to get this printed for Valentine's Day, I will be doing some serious blog catch-up in the next couple of days. Forgive me if it is out of order.
As for 2009, I plan on putting a lot more effort in to this blog now that I know it will become a keepsake. I hope to make it as entertaining as possible while documenting as much as I can. The new camera that I got for Christmas is going to be used a LOT this year.

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Katie said...

Yay! That's awesome. You'll love it. BTW, I'm COMPLETELY in love with Edward Cullen. Started reading, and can't stop thinking about him. My goodness. On book 3. I just kept thinking about your post awhile back about you reading at stop lights. I thought that was silly when I read that. I should not have been so quick to judgment. Ha.