Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do it yourself weekend

This last weekend truly was a do-it-yourself weekend...For Freddy. I wanted to help, but he insisted that none of these projects were pregnancy-friendly. Dangit! I could have marked "Conquer a home improvement project" off of my Thirty by Thirty list.

The first project was to replace the old sink. It was the standard sink that comes with the house. Shallow, metal, scratches easily, stains easily, etc.

Here is the old sink

Freddy (and Lola) working on the sink

And this is the new, beautiful, granite composite, 9 inch deep sink! I love it!

Look how deep - even a wine glass doesn't reach the top.

The next project was to add a ceiling fan to the nursery. Originally I wanted a light, but couldn't find one that I loved, so we settled for a ceiling fan. Kinda figures since Freddy and I are both fans of fans in bedrooms. Me because I like to cuddle up under the covers and him because his body heat is like an oven and he needs the fan to save himself from spontaneous combustion.

I didn't get to take a picture before Freddy took the light down, so I took a picture of the same, standard light fixture in the spare bedroom. I don't know why this picture is blurry. Sorry.

Here is the new fan in the nursery. And I would just like to say that the drapes look horrible in these pictures. Maybe it's the flash or the lighting, I don't know. I PROMISE the color looks much, much better in person. So either drop by and check it out or take my word for it. And I know that they are different lengths. My mom and I made these together and I need to decide on a length so that we can cut and hem them.

After the fan went up, I went out to run errands. When I got back I found Freddy trying to put together the bassinet that Kristi and Ryan let us borrow. Thank you! He was literally scratching his head.

Since the bassinet had been used by Landri AND Sara and Andy's little boy, Owen, it no longer had directions. After a few minutes, we figured it out together and here is Freddy with the finished product.

In other nursery news...the old dresser that we wanted to refinish to match the crib we bought in November could not be refinished after all. So, we looked for a dresser to match but nothing was great and everything was expensive.

Freddy explored Craig's List and found a dresser and hutch for $250. It didn't match, but we decided to check it out anyway. We traveled to Carrollton and found it to be in PERFECT condition. So, we bought it, returned the dresser we had previously purchased and bought another one that matched. We saved TONS!

This is the dresser/hutch. Next to it is the leather arm chair glider that we bought at Rooms to Go with the buy one, get one free $100 gift cards we purchased on Black Friday. We wanted a chair that could transition to another room after the baby (or babies) had grown. It's brown, but it looks kinda purple in the room.

Here is a better picture of the drapes. Looks like a totally different shade, huh?

The crib came in on Monday, but we were a little busy at the hospital, so Freddy picked it up yesterday and assembled it last night. Simple and convertible.


Andy and Sarah Curtis said...

The nursery looks great! Let me just say, we didn't have directions either to put the bassinette together and I totally get Freddy scratching his head! Great work!

Holcomb said...

I think it looks really good Cheryl! That baby stuff can be tricky to put together, good teamwork Clark's!!!