Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Belly Pic

Thank you to everyone who commented on my belly pics - heck, on ALL of my posts.

To be fair... I have to admit that when I post belly pics, I post the ones that make me look the smallest. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I decided two weekends ago to don a tight-fitting T and take some more belly pics so that you could get a better picture. These pictures were taken two days before 31 weeks (I'm 32 1/2 now so they are almost two weeks old - sorry!).

This is the one that I would have posted because I thought it made me look the smallest.

And here are a few of my random thoughts on pregnancy:

I think that maternity pants are a conspiracy. They aren't long enough to wear heels with, forcing women in to flats and out of heels before they are ready. I miss my heels! However, they are VERY comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that I have already told my friends that they will have to stage an intervention to get me out of them after this baby girl gets here.

I have weird pregnancy "side-effects". I don't mind the weight gain. I can handle the growing belly. The aching back is kind of annoying, but I'm learning how to ease it with Tylenol, the Boppy Pregnancy pillow and massages. But there are a few things that I could definitely do without. The first one I debated about posting because it is slightly embarrassing, but oh well. My feet smell. Never did before really. But now certain shoes are banned from being taken off in the car if Freddy is with me. The good news is that I discovered I am not alone in this. A co-worker also suffers from smelly feet. The second is that my hair is staticy. YUCK! So annoying.

Upcoming Posts: My baby shower, My Christmas gift, wedding weekend and the Super Bowl. Stay Tuned!

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MELANIE said...

Let your belly hang out! I don't think I've ever in my life seen you with the slightest hint of a stomach! You look great! Getting so close! ;)