Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mystery Baby Gift

I arrived home from work today to find that we had received a package. A package addressed to "Baby Girl Clark". Yay! I love baby gifts.
I glanced at the return address and did not recognize the name (the address was in Houston). So I asked Freddy if he knew the name and he did not. My heart sank. What if someone had meant to send this gift to a different Baby Girl Clark? It's not like Cheryl Clark is an off-the-wall name. They could have clicked on the wrong Cheryl Clark on the registry list.
But wait! If they had sent something from a registry, the package would have come from the store, not the person and that person would have to know my address. Hooray! It is for our Baby Girl Clark.
But if this is from the person on the return address, I have a new dilemma. How do I write a Thank You note to someone neither I nor my husband know?
Just open it. Maybe there is a clue inside. So, I open it and find an uh-door-uh-bull gift set that includes a bib, a pouch to carry wipes, etc., a burp cloth and a changing pad. It is beautiful. I love it. It matches the purples in the nursery and even has polka dots - another element I am going to incorporate in to the nursery.
Ah-ha! A clue! A business card with a web address - but not just any web address, one that ends in (etsy is a website of handmade items - if you aren't familiar with it, check it out).
It has to be from my friend Sara. She is the queen of etsy (she sells amazing jewelry - - check out the new earrings that I am IN LOVE WITH) and she isn't able to make it to the shower.
I call and ask her. It wasn't her. I ask her if she thinks I should just contact the seller to find out who sent it to me (since there was no card indicating the purchaser). She said no, give it time, let the person reveal themself. But I can't not send a Thank You. Immediately.
So I ask you, my loyal blog readers...
Do I email the seller or let the gift-giver reveal themself?
Freddy thinks that Sara must know something and that is why she is telling me to wait. I don't think she does.
Here is the adorable set. Isn't it perfect?!

Mystery solved! This perfectly precious gift was from my friend (and fellow blogger), Courtney, whom I have known since...was it 6th grade.

Here are 6 (in honor of the 6th grade) why Courtney is so cool (thought there are many, many more):

1 She's my friend. Just kidding! She is an eco-friendly mommy. I wish that I could use cloth diapers (no, not the traditional flat ones with safety pins) on my baby like she does on Nate. Unfortunately, I would eventually be forcing that on my baby's care giver when I go back to work and that isn't fair.

2. She's frugal without having to do without. She sees item. She likes item. She sees price tag. She hates price tag. She makes item. (For example, a blanket that covers the stroller and cloth diapers). I give her less than one year before she is selling on etsy.

3. She does things that other people just say they are going to do - like walk to the grocery store.

4. Not only does she blog, but she also built her blog. I can barely figure out how to upload pictures in order using blogspot and she built hers!

5. This girl does not give up. Whether it's running, working out or cooking - she must succeed.

6. She is a great mommy. She has a seperate blog devoted solely to Nate. She is a stay at home mom who loves her baby and the time she gets to spend with him, even it means paying for a new dining room table one coupon at a time.

Thanks, Courtney, for the beautiful gift set. Baby Girl Clark will love it!


Courtney said...

Gosh! I can't believe the seller didn't include a note saying who it was was from ME!!!

I told her it was a gift, but I guess I should have told her to include my name as the gift giver.

I'm so glad you like it! I'm so sad that I won't be able to make it to your shower, but I had to send along something cute!

Andy and Sarah Curtis said...


Sara P. said...

I told you the person would reveal themselve... haha, and it took less than a day! I can't wait until you get my etsy gift. This is me gleaming with JOY---> :)

Courtney said...

Cheryl!!! That was so incredibly sweet of you! Made me get all teary...and yes, it has been a long time. 6th grade...that was, what, 17 years ago? Oh Lord, we are getting old!

Amber said...

That's really cute! I love etsy!! Found it through Tipjunkie...Have you visited that blog yet??

This weekend, I was going through some old stuff and came across the skit from Orientation. It made me laugh, remember you, Kari, and Shelbi as Charlie's Angels?? SO fun! Hope you have a great week!!!