Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halfy Birthday Carly!

Carly celebrated her Half Birthday on September 13. She is 2 1/2! Can I just say...Holy. Cow. Time. Flies.

This is the only face I seem to get these days when I ask her to smile for the camera.

Daddy helping her make a Mickey Mouse cookie.

Mommy helping her add some sprinkles (that Carly Dilyn picked out)

The Halfy Birthday plate's first half birthday.

See that bite she is taking? That's pretty much the only one she had. She isn't a big sweet-eater. Must take after her dad.

I can not tell you how hard I tried to make Mickey Mouse shaped cookies. I failed miserably. Note to self for next Mickey Mouse cookie-making-attempt: Bake cookies THEN cut out Mickey. It may waste cookie, but at least the cookie won't look like a big blob.

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Katie said...

Oh, can I just say, KUDOS on the halfy birthday plate. Nice. I'm jealous and wanting one now. Wonder if I could get it by next Tuesday for Lucy's halfy. :)