Thursday, September 22, 2011

Labor Day in Midland

This past Labor Day, the Clarks packed up and headed to Midland, Texas to visit our friends, Andrew and Kacie. And boy did we pack up! You don't realize how much toddlers require until you have to pack it all!

This was Carly's first long road trip. It is about a 5 hour drive without a toddler, so it took us just over 6. Carly did surprisingly well. Mickey Mouse dvds didn't work their magic (pun intended) like I thought they would, but (mess free) Color Wonders markers did.

As one would expect. Carly's tolerance for the restraining car seat faded as the road trip progressed. She especially hated being put back in to the car seat after being out of it during our pit stops.

The neck pillow was a bust. I should have gotten a smaller one - like baby size - because this one just pushed her neck forward. 

Once we got there, we had a great weekend.

Freddy was able to show off Carly's "bring us a beer" trick. Andrew was impressed and Carly was very proud.

Freddy helped Andrew set up a new tv inside. 

And install another one outside.

Carly had a great time playing with Kacie.

And she made best friends with Bear

And Zoey. Especially Zoey.

It actually dipped down in to the 70's while we were there. A nice change from 100 degree weather we have been experiencing all summer, but this mama was not prepared. Kacie had to fashion Carly a make-shift shirt to keep her warm.

We dined out, grilled out and chilled out while we were there. Freddy and Andrew were able to get in some dove hunting and a round a golf as well. Kacie and I also managed to get a way for a mani-pedi at the salon. I love me some mani-pedi. It was a great weekend escape and something that we should have done a long time ago. The last time we ventured to Midland to see our friends was when they got married - 5 years ago!

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Misti said...

Carly in the last photo is so cute, she's acting like she's part of the gang! I haven't been to Midland since a HS softball tournament!