Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Happenings

Just some things that we have been doing...

Carly and I went to a baby shower for Baby Brooks who will be here SOON!

We also went to a shower for baby Denli, but I forgot to take pictures.

We discovered that Carly is not a fan of cheesecake when she spit it out on to the remote control.
That poor remote control. First it gets the spin cycle, now this.

Nana and Papa bought us a collapsible wagon - Very cool and super handy for storage.
Carly and Lola LOVE it! well, Carly does anyway. Lola just tolerated it for this picture.

Austin doubted the greatness of the ear candle until we made him use it.
People, they really work. And they're really gross.

We had our first Sharpie incident. Can you see it on the chair? Any suggestions on how to get it out?

This, friends, is why I plan to look for Carly's big girl bedroom furniture on Craig's List. I'll refinish it to make it super cute, but I don't want to spend big bucks on it. Remember what she did to the crib? I can only imagine dropping a small fortune on furniture that will "last her forever" only to have it Sharpied beyond recognition. No thank you.

Carly is a true Clark. She loves football Sundays. But she could care less about the football. It's the cheese puffs, the pasta salad, time with "Saysah" and also time with her little friends - Brett and Alexis.

I worked the Big Brothers Big Sisters Clay Shoot and demanded that I have got to have my picture taken with The Musers - the morning show on The Ticket (a sports radio station and my addiction). I need to get this beast framed so that I can put it on my desk next to the one of me and The Hardline (the afternoon show). See the guy in the white? That's Craig. He's my fav.

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