Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Weekend 2011

Last weekend was "The Weekend 2011".

The Bells (mius Megan who had to work - boo), Clarks, Connallys, Conolys and Hagamans headed to the NYLO hotel in Irving for a relaxing weekend of...well, just hanging out and spending time together.

Kacie and Andrew arrived in town on Thursday, so we caught a Ranger game with them and the Pendletons. The next day Kacie and I hit the shops (who is surprised that I was shopping?) and our husbands hit the golf course.

We met back up at the hotel where we the boys played Battleship. Yes, Battleship. The NYLO has a great game room that just happened to have Battleship.

Kacie and I did not play Battleship.

Later that evening, the Hagamans arrived, so we all headed out together for a fantastic dinner at Papa Bros. Yumm-my! 

We met up with Finch Matt at the hotel after dinner. Megan had to work or she would have been with him. We really missed not having Megan there.

Hag had his party pants on all weekend and even enjoyed a drink or two. Go Hag!

The next morning the girls headed to breakfast and then to Painting with a Twist in Grapevine (where we met up with Rachel) for some good old fashioned girl time - and mimosas. Of course mimosas.

While we were painting, the guys were playing at Speedzone. I wasn't there with my camera, so you'll just have to imagine this part of the weekend.

We all met up later and just hung around the pool - and man, was that nice. Just sitting around, talking, hanging out.

I love these girls. I am so excited about being in their lives for a long time. They're stuck with me.
I can't wait to spend time with their kids (hurry up, Kacie and Brittany!), to ask them for advice and to give some in return and to eventually be able to look back over decades of friendship.

The guys hit the pool. The girls did not. Only one of us even packed a suit.

These guys. They love each other. They have for a long time.I know that they really enjoyed their time together - especially the time alone without the wives.

That night we all went to dinner together at The Ranch in Las Colinas.

Freddy introduced everyone to chicken and waffles. I would tell you how they were, but I didn't eat any. I just wasn't feeling it. They did, however, get rave reviews.

 This picture of Hag...we'll be able to laugh about it eventually. Until then, I'll leave the explanation alone.

We ended The Weekend 2011 with breakfast together at Cracker Barrell before we all went our seperate ways. Finch to Abilene. Us to Keller. Morgan and Rachel to Stpehenville. Kacie and Andrew to Midland. And Hag and Brittany to Rockwall.

And this. This is the official The Weekend 2011 t-shirt that Rachel designed for us.

The entire weekend was nice, stress-free and just a great get-away. "The Weekend" is annual tradition. Now that everyone is married, we know that we need to make an effort to see each other. Eventually, I hope for this weekend to include kids and to be in more "exotic" places than Irving. But it was a nice to start to a great tradition.

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